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Flexspace is a cloud-based on-demand booking platform driving higher revenue per sq ft than your average monthly membership.
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Start selling your workspaces online

Drive traffic and grow your revenue with a platform that makes it easy to sell your spaces on-demand.

List it

Flexspace support team lists your spaces online and gets you up and running in no time.

Price it

You get access to Flexspace cloud-based management system to configure pricing and availability.

Sell it

Seamlessly start selling your spaces online.

Upsell multi-access and meeting rooms

Boost sales and increase your total order value.
Flexspace checkout allows you to upsell products and services right from the booking flow.
Create bundles to package space and products together into one single offering.

Improve sales efficiency

Flexspace booking platform enables you to sell directly online. No more contact forms and hefty fees.
Automatically record bookings through the Flexspace booking management system.
Give your entire team insight into open availability and bookings with Flexspace cloud-based solution.
Share available spaces on Instagram, Facebook, and more with one click.

Launch with no monthly fees

Only pay when you make a sale
Upgrade for advanced features like bundles and upsells.

Start selling your spaces online for free.